What Is Digital Project Management? [Ultimate Guide]

Let’s shift the narrative from overhead to value-added investment

Digital project managers are usually in last place, says Mackenzie Dissert, adding that they usually integrate into new projects only after a company has experienced some degree of growth, which is because it is perceived as an overhead expense, not as the added value it can really be earlier. .

“I don’t think a lot of organizations are set to be digital. Especially during the epidemic, a lot of businesses had to adapt their digital space. Suddenly, digital agencies were the backbone of a lot of the businesses of those organizations because that site was the store front.”

Mackenzie Disart

she is right. Report of the International Project Management Association Stressed that in 2019, when the epidemic only intensified, only 30 percent of organizations felt that their ability to manage organizational change was effective. This means that today, more organizations are suddenly turning to project managers to drive change initiatives, which often means digital transformations.

This transition was rapid and somewhat forced, resulting in a frightening amount of organizations employing DPM not fully understanding the complexity of the work, project, and / or the exact role of a digital project manager.

Here’s a great example from Post by Reddit: The poster is the co-founder of an unnamed small digital agency that wants to hire DPM to free up the co-founder’s time and deliver more better quality projects.

The problem is, says the poster, “all the questions I googled in the Prime Minister’s interviews [seem] “It’s too general or too open or it’s not clear which answer will be good / bad / excellent.”

They then explain that they already have a small selection of candidates and they look for interview questions or tests to filter out the top 5 percent of candidates; They want to give specific questionnaires to their HR manager with good / bad / excellent options so there is no additional experience / knowledge [is] A good / bad answer needs to be identified. “

They also want something that only the top 5-15 percent can even answer, and they want something “as fast and short as possible.”

The red flags are struggling with stormy winds at this point. And as you can imagine, the reactions on Reddit were not kind.

The problem is that this customer ⬆️ … is no exception.

It is notorious for DPMs to be underestimated and over-allocated, Dysart says.

“At one point, I ran 23 projects across 14 clients simultaneously and … at this point, it did not even allow you to give each project more than one day a month of effort,” she explains.

Mackenzie Disart

The irony is that a good prime minister is rarely felt. When they really support the group, the staff barely notices that they exist; All of these important collection, retention, translation and communication work quietly in the background to prevent fires from hitting the ignition point.

No one noticed a fire that never existed. But perhaps, along with the iterative tide of the digital market, customers are beginning to recognize the true value of prevention.




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