Visa Inc Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

Hi folks, Visa visited our campus, and recruited for internships in SWE and SWE in October. I was a candidate for the SWE Intern profile. They were the fourth company to visit our campus for a summer internship. It was a virtual recruitment process.

I had great fun preparing for a visa visit, and I really enjoyed the interview process. The process spanned two days, and was certainly among the most comprehensive interview sets that could ever be. The interviewers were really cool and I felt really comfortable throughout the interview.

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Let me share with you my experience.

Company Name: VISA INC.

Offered Positions: Specializes in Software Engineer.

Duration of the internship: 10-12 weeks.

Eligibility: 7.0+ CGPA, CSE / ISE / CSBS / ECE / EEE / E & I students and no accumulated active blogs.

A total of two online rounds were held:

  • Online coding round
  • Technical interview + human resources

Round 1 (Duration – 60 minutes): An online coding round is hosted on Hackerrank.

  • There were 2 coding questions at easy-medium difficulty level.
  • Anyone with good problem-solving skills can solve these questions.
  • About 400+ students showed up for the test so the challenge was to solve the two coding questions as quickly as possible. Each was given a different set of questions.
  • I was able to solve both questions in 30-40 minutes.

Problem 1: Crashing stones (light-medium)

Given an array of integers stones in which stones[i] Is the weight of her stone. We must choose the two heaviest stones (x and y) and smash them together.

  • If x == y, both stones are destroyed, and
  • If x! = Y, the weight stone x is destroyed, and the weight stone y has a new weight y – x.

At the end of the game, at most one stone remains. Return the smallest possible weight of the left stone. If no stones are left, return 0.

Problem 2: Task Queue (Easy-Medium)

Each queue has 3 parameters

  • The maximum number of tasks it can process in one batch.
  • The time it takes to process a single batch of tasks in a queue.
  • The number of tasks that must be processed.

We need to calculate the minimum time required for system group processing by the system.

Only 4 students were selected for the next stage.

Round 2 (technical interview + human resources – 45 minutes): The interviews began around 10:00 the next day.

  • The interview took place on Microsoft Teams and was a link to a Hackerrank code pair for the coding questions.
  • I was asked questions from my resume in detail, and more about the projects I did. Since I did not have any major projects, the interviewer started asking coding questions.
  • He asked me to separate the whole and decimal part of a floating number and code it.
  • He then asked me to duplicate a linked list using a random pointer and the next pointer.
  • Then he gave me code C and wanted me to get the output of it. I was able to encode the two coding questions and was able to say that the output of code C is partially correct.
  • Then he asked me two SQL queries based on a school database.

After these technical questions, he preceded the human resources questions.

  • When was the last time you helped someone?
  • Tell me something about VISA?
  • Why VISA?

Then, he asked me if I had any questions. I asked him about the role and technological stack in VISA and his experience in VISA over the years.

The results came out the next day and 2 including me, were selected for the position specializing in SWE.


  • Practice coding in GFG, Leetcode, Hackerrank.
  • Competitive programming – an advantage.
  • Be prepared to answer any question from your resume.
  • Go over your projects, including the problems, what can be improved, and the assimilation of your project in real life.
  • Communication skills play a very important role.

All the best.




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