The Lazy Project Manager introduces…

The lazy project manager presents the …

Episode 1 – Meet Tim Stumbles from Office Timeline

A free zoom session where Peter Taylor, the lazy project manager, introduces some of his friends from the wider world of project management

The first episode is Tim from the Office Timeline

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About me:

Peter Taylor: Spokesman, Consultant, Coach and Coach, Peter is the author of the best-selling No. 1 project management book The Lazy Project Manager. He has built and led some of the largest PMOs in the world with organizations such as Siemens, IBM and Kronos. In 2020 he won the PMO Global Alliance Award ‘PMO Influencer Award of the Year’.

On the Office timeline:

Office Timeline tries to cut in half the time teams spend reporting, doubling the attention VPs and executives give to their projects. We are committed to making projects, programs and planning more successful through visual, uncomplicated, easy-to-use visual productivity software. Built for PMP® holders, Office plugin Timeline Pro PowerPoint turns complex project data into simple slides that customers, VPs and steering committees will easily understand.

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