Tab bar improvements – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2473.3

Today’s snapshot introduces two new tab options, contains tab bar improvements and jumps the Chromium version to 96.

Tab improvements

There are now two new tab settings options: ‘Show x button for background tabs’ and ‘Show tab as icon’. Both are disabled by default. With this add-on Vivaldi users have a lot more power to customize the tab bar display to suit their tastes.

See the change log for a complete overview of the changes and tell us what you think.

Differences for the final

The purpose of these images is to give our users a chance to watch the upcoming changes, and to help us ensure the quality of our recent fixes and improvements, before we add them to the final. If you prefer something that has already been extensively tested, stick with the main Vivaldi Android package.

When reviewing a snapshot, it is recommended that you review the change log (below). Try the changes and tell us your opinion in the comments section or directly in the Play Store. When you respond in the Play Store, keep in mind that it’s helpful to indicate the version you tried.

Download options

We now offer Snapshot photos from the Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

Sometimes there may be a delay after a blog post is posted on the air, while updates are posted through the Play Store. If you do not want to wait, or do not use the Play Store on your device, we also offer .apk files for manual installation.

Alternative Downloads (2473.3)

Manually installed files from the Play Store can be updated at a later date, provided you have installed the most appropriate file for your device. If you are not sure which one is right for you, just install it Droid Hardware Information [Alt], Go to the ‘System’ tab and look at the ‘Instruction Kits’ line.

Change log

  • [New][Tab bar] More efficient use of tab space and setting an X button for background tabs VAB-4781
  • [New][Tab bar] Display the tab as a favorite icon setting VAB-4826
  • [Notes] The comments are saved in the wrong folder VAB-4646
  • [Tab bar] Avoid flashing master tabs when replacing tabs in a stack VAB-4852
  • [Tab bar] Blank line between bottom bar and navigation bar VAB-4399
  • [Tab bar] New assets for inactive and inactive stacked cards VAB-4854
  • [Toolbar] The search button does not appear when you are in a new private tab VAB-4436
  • [Crash] Untreated exception in call from source VAB-4776
  • [Regression] Creating a note and moving to a new folder is not working properly VAB-4819
  • [Regression] Deleting downloads in tablet mode disables Vivaldi VAB-4821
  • [Regression][Tablet] Crash on the system back button VAB-4828
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 96.0.4664.30

Main image from David Mendes.




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