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One of the main goals of the PMO is to support and enable effective decision making. This is such a great goal that there is a lot of scope with how the PMO can do it. From creating reports, providing insights from data, supporting stakeholder engagement activities and the role we can play when people come together to solve problems, make decisions and take action.

In this article we will take a closer look at facilitation skills. Within P3O it is stated that “the P3O is ideally located to provide an independent facilitation role” and we completely agree with that.

Over the past few weeks we have covered several different frameworks, approaches and techniques that the modern project can take advantage of in its day-to-day work that make a difference to people and their levels of performance. We also shared ten different things your PMO can think of to make a real difference in your PMO performance.

We have already examined the following areas:

In our last article PMOs that support modern project management Series, we look at the directive.

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