Musings on project management: Activity – Methods

In the past, I remember the first time I had a managerial role large enough for my team to be too large for a line of sight from my desk and position.

Momentary panic: “What are they doing? How will I know if they are doing something? What if they ask me what they are doing? How will I answer any of these questions?”

revelation: What I thought were important metrics are now becoming less important; The results rise to the top

  • activity Becomes not too important. Where and when they worked could be delegated locally
  • Methods Are still important to some extent because the quality (in the big sense) is buried in the methods. So, it is impossible to let the methods be inadvertently delegated
  • Results Now become big: Do we get results according to expectations?

There is this word: “expectations

In any organization large enough so that it does not have a line of sight for everyone, there will be many ‘distant’ managers, executives, investors and customers who have ‘expectations’. And they have money! So, you do not get a free ride in inventing your expectations (if you ever got)

At the end of the day

  • I had 800 on my team
  • 400 of them were in places overseas
  • 400 of them were in a number of locations in the US
  • I had a number of offices
  • Everything worked out: we made money!

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