Latest Application Development Trends & Future of Mobile Apps 2022

The future of mobile apps is bright. “Game Switches”: This is how mobile app development services have been for the past two years. It is continuously included in business processes regardless of the business niche you present.

According to statistics, Apps are expected to generate revenue of $ 808.7 billion in 2022 because mobile app technology is always introducing new trends and promoting new experiences to its stakeholders. Implementing mobile app development on time can play a huge role in the success of your business, and the key detail is to incorporate the latest trends.

What are the prevalent trends in mobile app development?

1. Beacon technology

2. 5G technology

3. artificial intelligence

4. Instant apps

5. IoT

6. AR and VR

7. Mobile wallets

8. Chatbots

9. cloud

Beacon technology

Mostly popular in the museum, hotel, healthcare and retail industries, Beacon technology is definitely the future of apps. This technology has Bluetooth chips and small sensors integrated in small devices with BLE or Bluetooth Low-Energy wireless technology that helps communicate information and identify the exact location of devices. Ultimately, it can quickly and flawlessly convey a message in real time to consumers.

Beacon technology continues to generate a lot of profits, especially in the retail business Is expected to continue to generate billions of dollars in 2026.

Mostly, this technology interacts with customers of different companies that use Beacon and helps to enrich the customer experience through the app.

    Recent mobile app development trends

The ease of application of Beacon Technology in various industries creates great potential in the marketing landscape and can help reach great heights as this technology facilitates the interaction of the company and the users.

Apple introduced iBeacon in 2013 was common in iOS app developments and shortly, Google introduced Eddystone two years later. In the period 2021-2022, Beacon-based apps and locations are particularly expected in the areas of healthcare, travel and tourism, games and physical activities, and even mobile payments.

5G technology

Fifth generation wireless (5G) technology will have a maximum speed of up to 10 Gbps or even 100Gbps, Which makes it 10 times (or even 100 times) faster than the current 4G network in use. This technology will have a huge impact on the future of apps. 1.4 billion devices 5G technology is expected to connect in the next 5 years, which means that this technology will hold a leading position in standard data transfer worldwide.

Various business opportunities are expected to flourish especially in the implementation of virtual reality, augmented reality, video streaming in HD resolution, 360-degree video streaming in various industries in which 5G technology will play a major role. Not to mention that information security is also one of the main functions expected from 5G technology.

With its reliability and speed, application developers are able to create additional avenues for different designs and features in the future and provide improved performance to businesses in different industries.

artificial intelligence

AI is definitely not a new technology in the mobile application development market. In various industries especially in the fields of health, agriculture and banking, artificial intelligence will be the driving force. The improvements in its quality have created a great income perspective: The revenues of the artificial intelligence industry are It is expected to reach 118.6 billion by 2025.

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The improvement of already existing artificial intelligence tools like camera, voice translations, user predictions and virtual assistants will reach a full circle. In addition, it will continue the process of developing data, identifying problems that provide real-time solutions that will be widely implemented in the healthcare and banking industries.

Although artificial intelligence technology has been introduced and used for years, such trends are expected to emerge in mobile application development:

  • AI with IoT
  • Smart camera with subject detection
  • Voice and language translation
  • Disable face-locking by artificial intelligence

Instant apps

In 2016 Android launched instant apps that make the experience easier for developers and users alike. Instant apps are available to users without installing the app itself on the device, which allows direct running over the Internet that requires zero loading time and prevents congestion in storing the device.

Instant apps may look and function like a mobile site, but the difference is that it provides more advanced UX designs for smooth use.

Although it is limited only to the audience of Android users, it is not inconceivable that different businesses and industries will understand how convenient it will be for both the business side and the consumer side.


One of the major trends in mobile apps. In 2018 they believed so 10 billion devices Connect and use them using IoT. IoT is developed and used through IoT software applications, gadgets and sensors that enable the use of this technology through voice recognition and remote controls.

IoT’s sales share ended in 2020 with US $ 2.1 trillion and it is believed that it will grow steadily especially in 2021, making it a smart choice for developers to keep their IoT – friendly apps.

With the IoT, smart homes are the next best thing because of running an IoT-enabled locking system, lighting system, cameras and even doorbells with a stable internet connection.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

The technology of augmented reality and virtual reality is in fact constantly conquering various technologies that are connected to our daily lives, causing a huge impact on the future of mobile apps. Both AR and VR are already popular in the gaming and video industry. Although industries of healthcare, tourism, education, retail, marketing, architecture, and real estate are grasping this trend a little more slowly, they still realized the benefits of AR and VR along with the application for their businesses.

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From $ 2.45 billion in 2016, AR is expected to arrive $ 136.55 billion by 2025 With growth of 56.32% from 2017 to 2025. This year and beyond, AR and VR are some of the major trends in the mobile app development industry.

Mobile wallets

In 2019 only, 2.07 billion consumers Use mobile wallets around the world to make payments and send money. Apparently, in 2022 the number of mobile wallet users is expected to increase, making this matter one of the current trends in the mobile application development industry.

Various industries are expected to welcome technology options for a better business experience and user experience. From cash to plastic cards that allow payments for various goods and services, it will now expand with improved use of mobile wallets.

    Requested applications

Apple Pay and Google Pay are 2 of the most popular mobile wallets and gateways for various services. By 2021, many companies are starting to create apps that feature alternative payment methods with increased level of security and accuracy.


Customer service is one of the trends in the app industry, no matter what business it is. With chatbots, customers can get a quick solution to their problems and a quick response to their inquiries without calling an actual customer support representative.

Chatbot - a mobile app trend

In 2017, the chatbot industry reached an estimate of 946 million US dollars and it is It is expected to reach at least 5.63 billion US dollar in 2023, when business owners understand the amount of help they get with chatbots in relation to the reduced costs of manpower and support staff.

The use of chatbots in various industries like transportation, retail, food delivery and even online shopping is set to improve even further in 2022. Besides, assistance from chatbots like Siri and Google Assistant will be smarter including new features to improve user experience.


Cloud-based mobile applications

Integrating cloud technology into app development is one of the leading mobile app development trends in 2021. Various industries are noticing the benefits of this trend for their business. Cloud technology enables faster storage and data access. Users opt for this technology to avoid overloading the smartphone’s internal memory while ensuring important yet accessible information.

Cloud integration technology makes it easy to develop applications without costing too much. It also provides a better customer experience for app users all over the world in different industries.

In 2022, the cloud services market is Expected to grow With a total of $ 397.4 billion.

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Given the recent development trends of mobile applications, it is very likely that competition between businesses, especially application developers, will be more intense in the period 2021-2022. It seems important to gain knowledge about the most appropriate trends for a particular application in a given industry or business so that all efforts will be successful. In short, the trends mentioned above are likely to become mainstream.

In most cases, if you are thinking of developing an application, you will need a mobile solution that can be implemented by a reliable software development company with a background in strong projects.

The experts at our company will be happy to assist with any requests you may have. The same goes for the consultations on your project regarding its implementation date and pricing information.

What apps are in demand?

The most popular areas for mobile application development in 2021 are healthcare, taxis, deliveries and remote communications.

What are the leading trends in mobile application development in 2021?

In addition to the involvement of high technologies, the main trends in the industry are the development of chatbots, the improvement of cloud technology and the concentration of important things on the Internet. The whole list looks like this:

1. Beacon technology

2. 5G technology

3. artificial intelligence

4. Instant apps

5. IoT

6. AR and VR

7. Mobile wallets

8. Chatbots

9. cloud

What is the future of Android app development?

The future of Android apps is bright. The development of Android applications will attract more and more investments and high technologies in the period 2021-2022, and they will remain popular in a variety of industries, from education to entertainment.




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