How Pluralsight made waves in website accessibility

The academy was a great success, with the result being a small cadre of internal accessibility champions who took their skills back to their teams and products. Many of our learners spent dedicated time diagnosing and fixing accessibility issues during or after the academy.

We’re pretty dang proud of the learning experience that we created for our colleagues, and we’re pretty dang proud of what our learners ended up doing with their newfound knowledge and skills. In the hopes of inspiring other companies, product teams, and individuals to upskill around accessibility, and fix accessibility issues within their own products in the process, our team is making public the details of this upskilling effort.

This article will outline the academy’s objectives, curriculum, delivery details, lessons learned, and, perhaps most importantly, its success stories. We hope that what we share here provides a sort of website accessibility academy blueprint that others can replicate.




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