Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Software Engineer (Analyst) | 2+ Years Experienced

The recruiter contacted me via LinkedIn and after two days I received the link to OA.

Round 1 (Online Evaluation – HackerRank – 90 minutes): Two medium problems.

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Solved both with all the test cases passed.

Round 2 (Phone CoderPad round – one hour): In this round, the interviewer called me on the phone and shared two questions on Coderpad. After discussing the approach he asked me to write the work code and all the test cases should pass.


I gave a work code to both questions after explaining my approach and passing all the test cases.

Round 3 (Zoom F2F 1 Technical Interview – One Hour): It was a face-to-face zoom, there were 2 panelists. I was asked 3 questions in this round as follows:


For the first question, I was asked to write the pseudocode and for the second and third question I need to give the working code in Coderpad.

I solved all three questions in this round.

Round 4 (Zoom F2F 2 Technical Interview – One Hour): I was asked 2 coding questions in this round.

  1. (With space complexity – O (1) and Time-O (n))
  2. A minimum amount that cannot be created with a given set of coins.

I wrote a work code for both problems.

Round 5 (Zoom F2F Technical Interview – 3 – One Hour): Again, 2 coding questions were asked in this round.


For the first question, I explained the approach to the first question with a pseudocode and for the second question I wrote the work solution.

Round 6 (Zoom F2F 4 Technical Interview – One Hour):


For the first question, I explained the approach with a pseudocode and a working code for the second.

After these rounds, I got a call from HR that I cleaned up all the technical rounds and now there will be a round of recruiting executives.

Round 7 (Recruitment Manager + Bar Raiser – for one hour): HM started with projects I did and went into depth.

  • Next, he asked me to design a web app that supports multiple languages ​​and give all the flow of the app.
  • Many questions were asked in React, NodeJS.

The next day, I got a call from HR that my round went well and HM was more than willing to take me to his team.

Two days later I got a call from HR for salary negotiations and after 10 days I received the offer letter with higher compensation than I expected.

From OA to letter of offer, the whole process takes about 2.5 months.

Judgment: Offer accepted




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