Do You Have A Digital Transformation Strategy?

Recognizing the need for digital transformation is the easy part for most companies today. It is not so easy to predict the full range of value available from modern digital technologies for your business. It is also difficult to develop a digital transformation strategy that will leverage this value to the fullest.

Without a comprehensive assessment of what digital technologies can offer, companies tend to declare every application of digital technologies – in every aspect of their business as a digital transformation. As a result, companies often make ad hoc business decisions and suboptimal investments in digital technologies.

This online seminar, presented by Professor Mohan Subermaniam in collaboration with Digité, will discuss how your company can create an optimal digital transformation strategy for your business needs and goals.

Join us on December 16, 2021 at 9:00 AM PST / 18:00 PM CEST / 22:30 PM IST

About the presenter:

DDr. Mohan Subermaniam is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Carol College School of Management at Boston College. His research focuses on the digital transformation of existing industrial companies and new sources of competitive advantage in the digital age. Find new sources of value and growth as they compete with data within evolving digital ecosystems.




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