CS-Cart Marketplace Request for Quotation

CS-Cart Marketplace Request for Quotation (RFQ) module allows the customers to make a request for quotation on the products. The seller and the buyer can communicate through the chat for the raised quotation.

The buyers can request quotes for the existing products and custom products as well.

This module enables the sellers and the buyer to negotiate for the product so that the buyer can purchase the product at their desired price. Likewise, the sellers can sell the product at their desired price.


  • The customers can request for a quote for a product that is available in the store or for custom products as well.
  • The sellers can approve or reject the quote request.
  • The sellers can also reply to the requested quote.
  • The buyers and sellers can also chat with each other for product quote negotiation.
  • The admin can view all the requests from his dashboard made by the customer.
  • The sellers receive an email when a customer requests a quote for a custom product or new product.
  • The buyer receives an email when the vendor approves and rejects the quote.
  • When the vendor requests for a quote then the customer will receive the mail.
  • When the customer updates the quote then the vendor receives the mail.
  • The vendor receives the email when the customer approves the quote.
  • The vendor receives the mail when the customer sends a message via the chat now button.
  • The customer receives the mail when the vendor chats now.

Installation CS-Cart Marketplace Request for Quotation(RFQ)

When you download the add-on, you get one zip file and the install.txt file. Please read it carefully and follow it.

First click on the icon and select Manual installation to upload the zip file as per the screenshot below.

Now, click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install“.


After installing the add-on, you will find the “Request for Quotation (RFQ)” in the list of the available add-ons. Make sure, the add-on is activated as shown in the snapshot below.


Admin Configuration

The admin can make the general settings for the module such as:

Max Quantity to request quotation for store products- The admin can define the maximum quantity to request a quotation for store products.

Min Quantity to request quotation for store products-The admin can specify the minimum quantity to request a quotation for store products.


All the quotation requests will be visible to the admin by navigating through Website>RFQ.


Workflow-For the Products that are Available at the Vendor Store

The customer will select any product from the CS-Cart store then a Request a Quotation button will display on the product page. The buyer can request a quote by clicking on this button.


Once the customer clicks on the Request a Quotation button, a popup will appear as shown to the image below:


The customer has to enter his email address, product quantity, price per product, and validity date. After that, click on the Submit button to raise a request.

Now, the customer can check the raised quotation requests from their account by navigating through My Accounts>Quotation. All the quotations will display with the request id, vendor name, product name, code, quote time, and status.


The buyers can click on the request id and check the request status as shown in the screenshot below.


Moreover, the seller can approve, reject or quote for all the quote requests through Vendors>RFQ Board from his dashboard.


Now, the vendor will click on the request id and the product will display with the requested quote as shown below:


Here, three buttons will display Quote Now, Approve and Reject. The seller can approve or reject the request from here. Also, the seller can quote from his end by clicking on the Quote Now button negotiate.

When the vendor clicks on Quote Now button, a page will appear as shown in the below screenshot:


The sellers need to enter the unit price, order quantity, validity date, and product description. Now the seller will have to click on the create button present at the top-right corner.

Once the request is created then the seller will have to click on the save button displayed at the top-right corner as shown in the image.


Furthermore, the vendors can see all the quotations through Vendors>Vendors Quotations from their account.


The customer will navigate through My Accounts> Quotations to check the status of his request.


The quotation status will display as Received quotes after the seller’s requested quote. The customer can evaluate the quote by clicking on Evaluate Quotes button.


The quotes comparison page will appear with the chat now button the quote requested from the seller’s end. From here, the buyer can view all the quotes offered by various sellers for that product.


The buyer will redirect to the page below where two windows will display. The left window will be for seller-buyer chat and the right window consists of two buttons. The button named quotation will display the product with the seller’s offered quote and add to cart button.

The buyer can proceed to add to the cart from here if he is fine with the offered quote.


If the customer is not acceptable with the offered quote then he can click on the make an order button. A button will be visible named Update Quote to update the quote.


By clicking on the Update Quote button, a popup will display. Here, the buyer will enter the product name, quantity, and per-unit Price to negotiate. After that, the customer will click on submit button to update the quote.


This updated quote can be viewed by the vendor and he can offer a new quote again if he wants to offer another quote. In case the vendor wants to proceed with the customer’s updated quote then he can approve the request.


The seller approval will display as Approved and a success message will display.


Once the seller approves the quotation request, add to cart button will display at the customer end by clicking on the make an order button.


The customer can now place an order and proceed to checkout with the product.


The order gets placed and a success message displays as shown in the screenshot.


Workflow-For the Products that are not available at the Vendor Store

The buyers can also request a quote for the custom products by navigating through My Account > Add Quotation


The buyers have to select a category first by clicking on Choose Category button. They can upload a document for the product by clicking on the upload file button after selecting a category.


Now, the customer can also add the product data from the add product data option. The product name, quantity, part name, user price per product, and description will be entered by the customer.

The product will be added by clicking on Add New button the product details will get added.


Likewise, the customers can add multiple products as shown below.


Now, the buyer will have to select the validity date and tick the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions. Moreover, the buyer will have to click on Submit button to request for quote.


The quotation for custom product will display in the My Account section to the customer.


This request will be visible to all the vendors in their RFQ boards by clicking on the request-id. This will display the buyer information, message, and RFQ information with approve or reject quotation.

The vendors can quote for the custom products from the quote now button if they do not agree to the requested quote.


The seller needs to enter the per-unit price, quantity, validity, and product description and click on create button.


Similarly, the other vendors can also offer a quote from their end for the custom product.


The buyers can see the quotes offered by all the sellers with their details as shown in the image.


A button named Approve will display in the make an order option. The customer can approve the offered quote by clicking on approve button. The buyers can update the quote from the quotation button as well.


A button for add product will be visible if the customer approves the preferred seller’s request.


Furthermore, the add to cart button will display when the seller adds the custom product and the customer can purchase the product.


That’s all about it CS-Cart Request for Quotation (RFQ) module. However, if you still have any questions regarding the CS-Cart extensions. Please create a support ticket by clicking Webkul Support System or send an email to [email protected]

Current Product Version – 1.0

Supported Framework Version – 4.13.x, 4.14.x, 4.15.x.




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