Book Launch! The Project Management Maturity Model, Fourth Edition Released Today

Nearly a year in the making, the newest edition of this book, based on the time and field of PM Solutions. Maturity model, Including evaluation tools for organizations undergoing transformation to adaptive or agile project management approaches. These “adaptive / agile” components and practice statements for each of the five maturity levels are paired with components and practice statements for the ten areas of project management knowledge, to give organizations a complete picture of their progress in both improving basic prime capability and adding agility.

Agile / adaptive components were also added to the maturity management model portfolio contained in the book.

Why measure maturity? It’s simple: knowing where you stand allows you to know what and how to improve. And organizational improvement yields positive business results. You can read more about it at Excerpt from Chapter 13.

To read more about the rapid development of this updated model, check out Janet Kabnis-Brown’s Work in Process blog from Summer 2020 Here.




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