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Tracking time and learning where your time is going is a core characteristic of intervals. Many of our customers who have used other time tracking systems pick up space fairly quickly. Spaces allow you to keep track of how you work. You can use task timers, general timers or add time manually. You can also add a time of a week at a time, track time using the mobile app or import time.

If you are new to time tracking or just need some helpful urges to build good habits, there are two alerts within recently refurbished intervals. They are located in the “Alerts” section of your account.

Time tracking messages

Timer alerts

The timer alert message is useful to prevent the timer from running too long. For example, you may interfere while doing deep work and forget to stop a timer. You can adjust this message to let you know if leaving a timer running for a certain amount of time.

Time tracking reminder

If you want a friendly reminder that you did not keep track of the time of day, you can set this alert to notify you until a certain time of day. This alert can be especially helpful for teams that are new to time tracking and may forget to update their schedule. Each person can set their own reminder and manager-level users can set reminders for each team member.

Read the help documentation for more information on using time tracking messages




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