“Bad Authentication” error- what you can do

I need some help with this.

I’m still not quite sure what Google is up to. Obviously they’re working on shutting down anything that is not genuine Android, but I can not tell if they’re just doing an A / B check on a new bot ID or they’re already making a slow launch. Either way, I am not affected (yet) and as long as I am not personally harmed by it, debugging is a very slow and painful process, involving lengthy email discussions with users who cannot log in but also lack the skills required to diagnose the problem. To put it in an allegory, it’s like playing chess in correspondence with someone who does not know the rules of the game.

Things that do not help

Please do not send an email just to tell me you can not log in, hoping I’m going to teach you in person some secret handshake to get around the problem. You will be disappointed. I maintain this blog so as not to do it, so if you do not find an answer here, it means no.

Currently, there are two things that can help with this fix:

  1. If you know how to use Wireshark and can log in from an Android phone, I would be interested in a) a dump of SSL handshake and a) sdk version of the device.
  2. If by chance you have a Linux box, I can SSH in and see the problem for myself (that means, I also need access to the account in question), it will definitely speed things up.




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