An Insider’s Guide To Modern PPM: Evolving Approaches And Technology

Insider’s Guide to Modern PPM“Defines what it means and the skills needed to confidently and effectively go through the journey. As befits an innovative approach, this is a different kind of guide for buyers. It focuses on how PMOs should evolve in the context of the four dimensions of modern PPM:

  • Empowered teams
  • Planning and financing adaptive portfolios
  • Flexible capacity planning
  • Improved visibility and efficient governance

Curious? The Insider Guide also introduces the critical capabilities essential to each dimension as well as technologies that can facilitate the journey. In the meantime, here’s a brief summary of all four dimensions.

Empowered teams

Empowered teams provide business value. As a result, PPM modernization means team support no matter what methodology they use – from waterfall projects, through collaborations, to Lean-Agile approaches to work transfer and beyond.

For example, project teams that focus on tasks and project plans have different needs than Agile teams that focus on flow and output. Critical team empowerment capabilities equip them with the right technologies and applications based on the methodologies they have chosen. PMOs should also focus on program management to facilitate high quality results between teams.

Modern PPM software allows the PMO to link all types of work back into the integrated strategy and portfolio plans. This ensures that stakeholders maintain visibility regarding status, dependency and strategic fit – and can adjust as needed.

Planning and financing adaptive portfolios

In modern PPM, portfolio planning focuses on outcomes and benefits, rather than tasks and outputs. It is a move away from projects towards plans and product-focused delivery. Planning becomes more continuous, and funding becomes more flexible, allowing the PMO to align faster as things change.

PMOs need to research PPM solutions that can facilitate cumulative financing and associate financing with defined business results. Scenario planning is also a critical capability, such as models of reallocation of funding and capability within and between portfolios, to understand impacts and balance compromises.

flexible Capacity planning

With the movement towards empowered and functional teams, capacity planning becomes more about team-level support. Modern and flexible resource capacity planning is not just about choosing the right people and teams and allocating them to the right job. It’s also about making intelligent adjustments when requirements and priorities change – as they often do.

Modern PPM software can facilitate capacity planning through capabilities like models of resource alignment of resources and teams across the portfolio, taking into account current work. Advanced solutions can also help support qualified teams and manage constraints and dependencies between teams, shared resources and team teams.

Improved visibility and efficient governance

With teams taking greater responsibility for day-to-day execution, PMOs are in a great position to lead the way to a more flexible and efficient approach to governance. Gone are the days of strictness and control – the right level of government enables faster decision making, usually at the team level, as well as the provision of products and services that add value.

Modern PPM solutions provide the analysis and visibility needed to track progress, manage team interdependence and reduce risk. Teams need guidance on the decisions they can make and which escalate to management. PMOs increase speed with clear guidelines and actively work with stakeholders to create a managerial line of sight for establishing KPIs and OKRs that can quickly identify the need to turn around, adjust funding or capacity, or eliminate priorities.


By refining these four dimensions – team delivery, portfolio planning and funding, capacity and visibility planning and governance – PMOs can be better at navigating changes. This modern PPM approach defines the organization to quickly align to change priorities and adapt to new ways of working. PMOs can build organizational agility and increase responsiveness while accelerating the delivery of strategy.

The journey begins with the development of the PMO itself towards becoming a more strategic business consultant, enabling teams and driving value. When this is the goal, traditional PPM tools and methodologies are simply not enough. Modern PPM software provides the intelligence and capabilities needed to maintain organization and pivot strategy quickly.

Making this transition effectively is also about finding the right partner who appreciates the uniqueness of each business and guided many during the journey. Find a partner who:

  • Understand where your organization is today, the key elements that need to change, and the steps that can be achieved in this journey
  • Can adapt when different parts of your organization are at different stages
  • Allows you to create a roadmap that will successfully guide your journey of change through today’s hybrid reality

to use “Insider’s Guide to Modern PPMTo help your PMO find the right solution.




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