ActiveCollab Is a Wonderful Software Solution

I’m Denys Osadchyi, a professional interface designer with 17 years of experience. A few years ago I stopped working as an employee designer at an IT company and decided to become an entrepreneur so that I could work on projects in various fields, develop a young team of experts and manage business processes myself, today my design agency Nerdfox design Helps create modern designs for financial companies, marketing, asset management and Metaverse products.

Most of my designs are complex SaaS or dApp projects with hard architecture. Proper task management and delegation always help me to be aware of my workflow, which is impossible without project management software.

The search for an all-in-one solution

Before switching to ActiveCollab, I tried many of them. Still, no software was convenient because neither of them had two important things for me: Time tracker with the ability to set different rates per hour for different projects and easy invoice to the customer.

I have been looking for a solution that will simplify my processes for a very long time. There are many products in the project management market, and I had to try enough of them until I finally came across ActiveCollab.

Of course two programs can solve my requests, but who wants to spend time syncing between them or pay for two products at once? This is how ActiveCollab connected me. At a fairly low cost, I got a wonderful workflow management software solution and quickly organized a work environment with lots of projects and tasks.

Finally, I was able to get real-time statistics not only on the total time invested in each project but also on everything at once in the monthly dynamics of changes.

Workflow organization: then versus now

The biggest benefit after switching to ActiveCollab is this I can immediately see how much income the job brings, Even in the context of one day.

In the past it was like this: you just work, and at the end of the month or project, you manually calculate the time you spent and the profit you made. I can now flexibly plan and optimize my workload within a day, week or month. What’s more, I am always aware of the statuses of all the tasks in different projects. All this I can do thanks to the intuitive time tracking section and workflow.

Lifehack I use every day: If I need to quickly create a list of tasks I want to pay attention to most of the day, I click Start and immediately stop them. Thus, the timer automatically becomes my to-do list, and I do not have to analyze the schedule of the deadline or constantly switch between projects in search of the most urgent tasks.

But doing a good, quality job is one side of the issue. The second is to receive a reward for it. With ActiveCollab, the invoice is made in a few clicks, and the customer receives a very detailed report on all the work done. I no longer waste time on routine reports and invoices.

I can concentrate on what I really like – Create amazing designs.




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