A Short Guide for CTOs and Technical Managers

4. Can you afford them? If so, is it worth it?

Imagine that you have finally found what looks like your dream team. They have a lot of experience, they have provided something very similar to your project recently, the results are more satisfactory. They are very friendly and responsive, plus they usually look like they can fit all your needs and requirements without a problem.

However, there is a catch: if you hire them, you will exceed your budget.

Is it worth spending on this collaboration and hoping that the returns will be worth the investment? This is definitely an option; After all, quality usually has a price and those outsourcing agencies that really know what their value is will not sell themselves for short.

However, unless you are really confident in your potential partner, have a nest egg somewhere, or just like to live on the edge, it may be best to compromise.

You may find someone who is not so good, but his asking price is much more in line with what you can spend. Responsibility is the key in business and ultimately this decision can greatly affect the future of your company – both positive and negative.




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