10 Best Free Project Scheduling Software For PMs [2021]

Coda.io Builds documents without the best code

Build interactive documents to help schedule projects.

Coda is the most unusual tool on this list. It is a code-free document builder that allows you to combine familiar document features into a single file. One document can include spreadsheets, text, charts, Kanban boards, drop-down menus and titles.

How does this fit in with project scheduling? Well, you can use the tool to create powerful apps for managing your projects. Just add the features you need to get your job done. If you need help, start with one of many project templates that cover everything from task lists, content logs and more.

You can also pull data from various tools, or send the information from your document out to other software. For example, you can configure the tool to notify people on Slack when someone completes a task. Each document is a full collaboration so everyone on your team can work on the same document.

The free tool offers access to almost everything Coda has to offer. The only limitation is that you can not hide pages which means the documents become complicated. You are also limited to using 1,000 rows and up to 50 objects.

If you find this is not enough, you can upgrade to a paid program for $ 12 a month for a document maker. The document creator is the person who creates the document, everyone else can still collaborate on the document for free.




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